Vigilants is a global independent media production and digital distribution company. The company produces and acquires original content available to audiences worldwide through theatrical release and its distribution platform

The mission of Vigilants is to use film, video and media content to explore subjects of pressing social importance, and heighten awareness, to promote thought and interpersonal dialogue.

The unique, award-winning content produced by Vigilants includes narrative films, documentaries, web series, interviews, books and essays. Projects are built upon a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary creative process that incorporates contributions from people across the creative spectrum.

The Vigilants team is a dynamic and passionate group of experienced international filmmakers, writers, photographers, storytellers, artists and creative directors. Collectively, they have an unparalleled global network of strategic relationships that offers access to top talent and key industry players.

The company produce up to two projects/year for the independent film market while simultaneously developing an exceptional slate of content that creates a strong project pipeline. 25% of Vigilants projects are in active development and pre-production.

While project genres, target markets and budget ranges vary, the constant in Vigilants’ approach is optimizing project management and maximizing profitability. Projects have broad appeal with unlimited potential for revenue generation, and can be adapted and diversified across licensing, branding, franchising, prequels, sequels, spinoffs, music and animation.

Vigilants was founded in 2012 by acclaimed filmmaker, author, and activist, Cheyanne Kane. The management team includes producer/director Kerry Johnston, who is the company’s creative director, world-renowned actress and producer Caroline Goodall, writer/producer Jeffrey Wm. Laham, Ph.D., and executive producer, Dave Smith.

Vigilants has offices in New York, Los Angeles and London.